Features Under Consideration

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When you promote a new idea into a feature it should leave you back on the idea list you were on
add support as an option for login to the account to offer 2 step authentication
indicate a feture within a release is in beta and then add a new section within discovery to show all beta features and be able to click on the feature to see all related ideas. be able to indeicate item is out of beta
Add roadmap templates
Need ablity to define preset milestones for a release
add a new put on parking lot screen which explains why it is going to the parking lot and a check back date to let remind them about it
add a new dismiss feature workflow which brings them to a new screen like the dismiss idea screen where they can add the dismiss reason and contact the requestor regarding it
Add integrations with social media like Facebook/Twitter so you can share your new features as they become live
Add ability to create a new idea via email
When a request is dismissed allow users option to email public comment to requestor
Feature to email out any user
add new roadmap feature which can select a few options on roadmap type and prefill with existing tempaltes for roadmaps to get them going
add ability to create swimlanes for each roadmap and custom name the swimlaneask if swimlane is technical or non technicalif technical add new releases to thatif non technical add new tasks to that
need concept of dependancies with tasks and features within a release
add ability to setup funnel for tracking actions and show within discovery
be able to quickly see your power users who have requested the most ideas that have been turnedinto features and rleased
report by featuressee all features, how long they are sitting there, broken out by area, module, user
Add a paper clip icon to the idea list next to the name if an item has an attachment
Add a count within the navigation of the number open for each link
ability to apply spell check to public name and descriotion before savving
dependancies between release
multiple login options using existing platforms such as facebook, google
Need to show in a feature detail and feature cards the score breakdown between ICE and Objectives
Need strategic roadmap within research to maintain a long term vision of where you are building
Add calendly to schedule a call link instead to get that booked